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Last Refreshed: 9/27/2023 2:13:11 AM
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion We are open for everyone.

At Ahold Delhaize and our brands, we believe that, as retailers playing a significant role in society, we have a responsibility to set the right example. Ahold Delhaize and our brands are committed to continually raising the bar on our diversity and inclusion ambitions to really commit to our people.







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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Our Ambition

We aspire to achieve 100% gender balance at all levels, to be 100% reflective of the markets we serve (as defined by each local brand), and to strive for 100% inclusion, every day. In order to truly unlock the power of diverse teams, it is critical to foster an inclusive work environment where all associates have equitable access to opportunities and can reach their full potential.

Read more about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in our Annual Report 2022
DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION A message from our CEO Frans Muller

''Ahold Delhaize cares about serving our customers and growing our communities. How we value and treat our associates and how we as leaders operate our Brands makes a difference. When our associates are more engaged and love what they do, we provide a better experience for customers.​ 

Together, we will continue to lead the way. We will set the example as leaders. We will hold ourselves and each other accountable for upholding the values and behaviors of diversity and inclusion.​ 

We are taking steps to ensure an even more inclusive culture where our associates reflect the markets we serve, their voices are heard and valued, they find purpose in their work, have equitable access to opportunities and can grow and contribute to their fullest. In essence, where every associate can thrive, and every customer in our stores feels a sense of belonging, a sense of community.​''

Frans Muller - CEO Ahold Delhaize